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Rolling Thunder are the only authorised dealer for Harley-Davidson in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our goal is to make buying one of our Harley motorcycles a great experience. When you buy a premium motorcycle, we understand that you should get a premium service with it, and at Rolling Thunder that is exactly what you get! We may never be the biggest shop, but we will always strive to be the best. So once you decide that a life on two wheels is the one for you, we'll make the path to the saddle an easy one.

Rolling Thunder offers both new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales, Harley-Davidson parts, a complete range of Harley servicing, repairs, customisation, and a wide range of motorcycle clothing and gear. We also offer a loyalty card programme and help to organise and sponsor a number of rallies, swap meets, and social events for the Harley community throughout the year.