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Harley-Davidson Tire Pressure Gauge with Fill Valve

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Tire Pressure Gauge with Fill Valve 

Simplify checking the air pressure level and filling the tires on your motorcycle. This Tire Pressure Gauge features a an 18" flexible hose and 2-way air chuck with both a 45° fill port and a unique side fill port that provides easy straight-in access to hard-to-reach motorcycle valve stems. • Allows you to check the pressure and fill the tire without removing the chuck from the tire • Apply the chuck to the valve stem, read the pressure, and add air by depressing the comfortable trigger leaver • For checking tire pressure on the road, use this tool like any standard tire gauge • Designed to fit an air compressor with a standard 1/4" quick-disconnect coupler • Dual-range instant-read gauge measures pressures from 0-60 psi and 0-400 kPa • Protected from impact and abrasion by a thick rubber collar.

P/N 12700096A