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Billy Bob is the dirty bastard your parents told you not to play with.

It’s a cheeky bike born to climb like a goat and crown you King of the Hill, or kill you trying.

Life is not Instagram artificiality.

Life is a dirty & dangerous uphill climb.

Billy Bob is a bad decision guaranteed to get you in trouble. The kind of trouble you never regret.

Twist that throttle. Climb that hill. Don’t fear falling, fear never really living. Get back up. Dust yourself off. Get back on, never stop climbing.

Nothing worth doing in life is easy or clean.

Winners get dirty.

Winners fight filthy.

First The Bomber, followed by The Boss, and now finishing our trilogy with Billy Bob.

These bikes personify our team at Rolling Thunder Harley-Davidson.

the billy bob bike build billy bob

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Barbara Tyson
Barbara Tyson

October 04, 2019

Go you good thing!!

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