August 18, 2016 1 min read

Every Super Hero deserves a super custom motorcycle. H-D dealers across Australia and New Zealand have created epic Marvel-inspired customs.

Our build based on "The Punisher"  needs your vote so check it out and vote now and you go in the draw to win the trip of a lifetime.

There’s no confusion when it comes to the Punisher. Fuelled by in your face directness, it’s his way or the highway. Preferring to work alone, the Punisher stops at nothing to get the job done. Rawboned, powerful and looking for action, the Sportster Forty-Eight® makes a mean match with the Punisher. Forget subtleties, from the fat front end to its cast aluminium wheels, this H-D is full of up-front attitude.

“The Punisher sees the world in black and white, so that’s what we used. Dean at Imagination limited captured his brutal nature with the wear and tear style paintwork and the kickass skull details. Then we just had to finish it off with some big aggressive tyres.”

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